Why Do Some Web Developers Charge More?

You may wonder why some web developers charge anywhere from exorbitant to astronomical service fees. Quite simply—because they can! It doesn’t necessarily mean you get better work. The Internet is an unregulated industry and literally anyone can say they are a web developer. It’s frustrating for the true full time professionals like myself.

So how do you tell the difference? Get organized. As you interview companies you want a way to compare and contrast services, costs, and the people offering them.

To be certain you are getting the most from your developer, they should be knowledgeable in more than just creating a website.

FREE Face-to-Face Consultation

Contact me and I’ll provide you with a FREE comprehensive business website checklist that allows you to compare and price out development firms.

Then, if we choose to work together, we’ll develop your online presence in a timely and cost-effective manner. We’ll keep your business in touch with technology, help customers find, and engage with your organization.

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