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After 17 years managing the Internet department of an IT firm, I became a freelancer with the goal of being generous. My name is Hillary Norfleet of On Time Web Development and I help small  businesses solve their website problems. With over 20 years experience I’ve built and maintained over 300 websites.  Many of my clients have been mistreated by firms who charge premium fees and  become unresponsive; leaving them with broken, hacked and outdated sites. Others have been charged exorbitant “maintenance fees” for services never rendered. One client was charged $300 monthly for Google AdWords campaign management, a total of $3,600 before he cancelled the account. As a Google Certified Expert I was able to provide proof that no changes were ever made to his account.

Update March 1 – 7 2019: As my client he spent $600 on ads  – and received $6,000.00 in sales.

If you are tired of being treated like a doormat by your web development or Internet Marketing company. With my help we’ll turn your site into a welcome mat for your customers.

ROI	900%

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