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In 2020 I began working with a therapist who was unhappy with her unresponsive website developer. 

Upon logging into the administration area of her website, I found her former developer had used a plugin that stores copies of contact form submissions. 

When a form was submitted a notification was sent … TO THE DEVELOPER. There were 263 submissions my client never received. These were not only lost revenue; they were people asking for help during a pandemic.

As the practice expanded, the therapist website grew too. We integrated more HIPAA-compliant online forms and reworked the Meet Our Team page to streamline the website navigation. We added a Start Here page to simplify the intake process. We added a For Professionals page that makes it easy to apply for both clinical and non-clinical careers.

I started working with other Mental Health Therapists and Psychologists, providing ongoing support, maintenance, and search engine optimization. I love the fact that my small contribution may make it easier for someone to get the help they need.

It’s been over 3 years since we began working together. Her clinic and website have gone through rebranding. Her website has a beautiful new look that she loves. I created a custom-built decision tree form that helps visitors identify the best therapist for their needs. 

Best of all, her practice has grown from 5 therapists to a team of 18. 

  • Avatar Yolande Glazier ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Hillary has done a fantastic job on building our website Check it out. Whenever we have any changes or updates, she gets them done asap and it always looks great.

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