Nonprofit: CARN

CARN, Nonprofit Organization

I have been blessed to work with Mr. Kieth’s nonprofit website since 2017, even before I moved to the Detroit area.

Cancer Awareness and Resource Network, known to many as CARN is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, that was created for two specific reasons. The 1st is to bring a greater awareness to a greater population of people the signs, symptoms, the test and trials of cancer. The 2nd is to bring ready resources to those who have been diagnosed and have financial, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs.

The orgnization provides financial, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional for cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers of all cancer types.

The nonprofit website supports those goals by offering referral resources, recipes, books, advertising capital campaigns, displaying photos of past events and promoting golf outings and sponsorship opportunities.

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