Astrology, numerology and spiritual practices.

eCommerce website offers the ability to schedule and purchase 9 unique consultations.

Whispers of Wisdom

  • white / gold / silver / amber tones
  • sacred vibe that says to the users: « you’re home » « you found what you were seeking »
  • pictures of ancient astrology & temples, sacred places
  • incorporates Calendly and WooCommerce
  • simple ergonomic and vertically centered layout
  • high quality images
  • two distinct types of products:  downloadable digital content and consultation bookings
  • 2-step booking process features
    scheduling a meeting and submitting information specific for each consult.
  • a donation feature
  • display of categories for blog articles and resource items to facilitate their search
  • rotating testimonials

Payment Methods & Best Practices

Customer Engagement & Marketing

  • Google Trusted Stores
  • Trusted Reviews
  • eBay
  • Amazon Seller Central