The Importance of Negative Keywords

Amazon Negative Keyword ScreenAre you including negative keywords in your campaigns? If not you are probably wasting money on advertising to the wrong audience.

Today I reviewed the list of search terms resulting in advertising impressions in a client’s Amazon account. This monthly task is valuable a couple ways:

  1. Identifying negative keywords that should be added to your campaigns or ads.
    For example, CKB Products advertises Top Shelf hip flasks. Some of the search terms included “top baby products” and “beaded shelves
  2. Identifying trends that can help create new, effective ads –
    Several searches for the term “Beauty and the Beast” showed up under the campaign for Custom Engraved Champagne Flutes – providing inspiration to create a campaign based on that search term.  What a great wedding gift idea!

So remember, it’s never enough to just come up with a list of keywords you want to be found for. You also need to review the search terms you are found with!

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