Google AdWords Case Study

Google AdWords Case Study

Chris is a very savvy businessman.  He runs two online stores that sell wholesale goods to dealers and the general public, and makes enough money to support his wife and their 6 children.

Chris contacted me last year and asked if I could review his online advertising accounts -he thought he might not be getting the highest return on his investment.  I did some digging and found:

  • January – July 2016 he’d spent over $20K for his Google AdWords campaigns, and only 14K revenue from those campaigns
  • His website had been updated, resulting in changes to the URL structure – This meant that every time someone clicked an ad, they received a Page Not Found message. In Chris’s words, he was paying to send customers to pages that didn’t exist.
  • It also meant that all organic links to his previously indexed pages were broken.
  • AdWords campaigns were created by an SEO company in June 2015, but no changes were ever made to that account. The company billed Chris $300 each month – a total of $3,600 before he cancelled the account




  • Spend: $20,000
  • Revenue: $14,000
  • Spend: $11,000
  • Revenue: $99,000


One Year Later – The Astounding Results

Revenue increased more than 600%

  • January – July 2017 spend has been 11K and revenue earned from AdWords? Over 99K

If you aren’t sure you are getting the biggest bang for your AdWords buck, give me a call.  The initial consultation is free and you just might end up finding buried treasure!

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