Website Optimization – Get The Facts

Website Optimization – Get The Facts

Website optimization means different things to different people.

To an ADA Compliance Officer optimization means making certain your website is accessible to people with disabilities. This includes guidelines like including text alternative tags for non-text content, and using high contrast colors with background/text combinations.

For content writers website optimization focuses on grammar, spelling, and informative content displayed in an easy to read format.

SEO professionals are concerned with page speed, keyword ratio and content hierarchy.

What should it mean to you? All of the above. Optimization means giving your visitors the best experience possible, so the first question to ask is ‘Who is your target audience?’

This includes criteria like

  • age group
  • income level
  • gender
  • location
  • education
  • interests

What is important to them? What pastimes do they enjoy?  The more deeply you can identify your target audience, the more effectively you can connect with them.

3 Critical Characteristics To Demand From Your Development Agency… Does Yours Do These?

3 Critical Characteristics To Demand From Your Development Agency… Does Yours Do These?

1. Request a written timeline for completion.
Some ‘developers’ make promises, take your money, and then someone with more money comes along and gets all the attention. Others simply stop responding to status requests. Getting a timeline in writing doesn’t guarantee success, but it does help to keep both parties on track.
2. Ask if you can make your own updates.
Maybe you just want to change a phone number, or update your hours. You don’t want to have to submit tickets that can literally take months for something simple, and then be billed for it.
3. Insist upon a secure website.
Especially in a world of scams and hackers, your website should include an SSL Certificate to encrypt sensitive information. Your developer should know that Google penalizes websites that don’t default to secure mode.

Over the years I’ve heard many frustrated website owners complain that they spent time and money and visitors still don’t come! They want to know…

“Whose Fault Is It When Website Visitors Don’t Engage?”

One of the reasons you build a website is to be found.  And, it doesn’t hurt to become known, liked, and trusted, right?

However, a great website alone is not a cure all for today’s rapidly changing digital landscape. One of the big reasons my clients find great value in my work is because I help their business to…


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